KT&T Staff

KT&T’s core management team and principals wear many hats. Among the most recognizable are the following;

  • commercial electrical contracting
  • contract specified/specific project management
  • energy efficiency designs & installations
  • lighting & controls installations, commissioning, & programming
  • recycling, universal waste, & near medical waste remediations/removals

In addition, the KT&T product sales staff write volumes of sales & purchase orders for industrial products (eg. mechanical, electrical, plumbing & technology) and supplies, as a wholesaler, each & every day.

Meet The Team

Kevin M. Porter - CEO/Founding Director

Kevin believes that KT&T stands out from other companies due to the team’s ‘no excuses’ mindset and ‘whatever it takes’ corporate culture. Kevin began KT&T as a refreshments distributor for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta along with Anthony DeCotis & Tim Robynheimer. Since then KT&T has evolved into an established sales and service company, featuring Commercial Electrical Contracting and distributions and sales for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Technology Hardware and products. Prior to the founding KT&T, Kevin was a sales associate for 20+ years in Radio and TV sales and Building/Facilities Management. Kevin’s specialty with KT&T is customer focus and pushing through projects. He is hardwired to his phone to provide excellent service. Kevin is proud of the continued success of KT&T, especially their work on finishing the 27 story DCAMM McCormack Building and the MassPort Universal Waste Service Contract. Kevin earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Northeastern University in 1986 and his Executive Certificate in LEEDS Construction Management from Wentworth University. During his off time, he enjoys youth sports and leagues with his sons, golf, church, fishing, family time with Mom, traveling, and movies.

Anthony F. DeCotis Jr. - COO/Founding Director

Anthony is a co-founder of KT&T with a current specialty of workforce team building. His prior experience working with FedEx and in product distribution to Walt Disney Companies has helped with the continued success of KT&T.. Anthony is most proud of the work performed at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and KT&T becoming certified as a minority owned enterprise. “Our biggest success has been moving forward despite obstacles over the years. From the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta to 9/11 to the 2008 recession and now the Covid pandemic, we continue to stay true to our mission and goals. We stand out from other organizations by consistently delivering extraordinary service, focusing on our niche, and being honest about our products and services." Anthony is a graduate of the State University of New York with a Bachelors of Science and has been recognized as a Business Equity Initiative Cohort 1. He is a member of New Hampshire Small Business Association, New Hampshire Small Business Development Center, and New Hampshire Score. In his down time, he enjoys tennis, golf, participating in the Jimmy Fund Walk, volunteering at a soup kitchen, and is a caregiver for a disabled WWII vet.

Ryan DeCotis - Senior Project Manager/Managing Director

Ryan is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology having earned his Bachelor of Science in Facilities Planning and Management. In his role at KT &T, he works in a variety of disciplines, including conducting energy audits for businesses and providing light retrofit assessments showing increased energy efficiency, developing floor plans for buildings to determine best lighting applications and means of egress for employees, and implementing schedules and documentation sheets to assess quality, delivery, timeliness of all products. Ryan routinely is the contact person who communicates with clients, subcontractors, and employees to manage progress and satisfaction of projects to stay on time and within budget. He also participates in Supplier Diversity meetings to help gain new business partners and assist companies with achieving compliance for their government contracts with MBE/DBE participation. During his downtime, Ryan enjoys weightlifting, hiking and golfing. He is also a volunteer at his local church.

Wayne R. Porter - Business Development Managing Director

Wayne began his career with KT&T as a part time consultant in 2010 and moved to Full Time Business Development Senior Manager in September 2014. He believes KT&T has done a fantastic job transitioning from an occasional Energy Efficiency Project company, with some supporting sales via bid desk and bids, to a recognized and highly qualified Commercial Electrical Contractor. In his evolving role, he is responsible for Marketing, IT, Financial Reporting, & Project Management Administration. Wayne brings to KT&T his past managerial experiences as an Audit Director, Board Chair & Treasurer. Wayne ensures that KT&T continues to establish itself as a viable and responsible Sales & Services Company, specializing in Commercial Electrical Contracting; Recycling, Universal Waste, Near Hazardous Waste & Medical Waste Remediation, Energy Efficiency System Design & Project Management, Commercial Sales for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, & Technology Hardware; as well as custom purchase order sales for New York & Massachusetts State purchasing contracts. A graduate of Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Wayne has also earned an Executive Certificate in Project Management from Bryant University and is currently a Certified Project Management Professional candidate (PMP). He is a member of the Central Mass Project Institute Chapter. During his downtime, Wayne enjoys family events, church, golfing, biking, and fishing.

Diane Barrett - Office Manager/Inside Sales

Diane believes that KT&T does a great job playing in the same arenas as larger companies with the capability to access many more resources. After 25 years of work as a legal assistant, Diane joined KT&T in 2010.  She believes one of the proudest achievements of KT&T is growing from a one-dimensional service contractor to the current status as a multi service provider and sales company. Her biggest professional success within the organization has been her work in inside sales and admin director and watching the growth of the company. Diane earned her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Quincy College. During her off-time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and wine tasting.

Jodie Lucci - Finance Director

Jodie Lucci, Finance Director, feels KT&T stands apart by its willingness to take on challenges. She began her career with KT&T in May of 2019, adding her expertise in Financial Management. Prior to KT&T, she spent 15 years as the Director of Finance and Administration for LightTec. Jodie holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Lowell, as well as having performed coursework in Cell & Molecular Biology at Harvard University and Accounting Coursework at Daniel Webster College. In addition to her interest in financial management, she enjoys reading, watching science fiction shows, and hiking. Her previous charitable interests included La Leche League, NH Homeschool Coalition, and BSA Venture Crew.

Ronald Lucci - Master Electrician

Ronald is a licensed Master Electrician in NH and licensed Journeyman in MA. He has 27 years of experience in the electrical and energy efficiency industry. Ron excels at attention to detail and problem solving. Prior to joining KT&T, Ron earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Lowell and spent 20 years working in various capacities in the electrical field.

Sean Gillis - Assistant Project Manager

Eric LaVigne - Assistant Project Manager

Eric and Sean take direct lead over various project aspects of work to help implement project goals as directed by KT&T project managers. Their role requires them to oversee project goals, create and deliver reports, analyze data from project execution. Eric and Sean both served proudly in the United States Marines.