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Phillips Br-30 Indoor LED "Soft White" ~ 6pack Flood IT "Pro" Cordless Task Light Flood IT Solar Powered Flood Pack
*Traditional indoor recessed can bulb replacement

*9w / 65w equivalent

*E26 Screw in base

*Warm Glow ~ 1650 lumens / 2700 kelvins

*Dimmable, Energy Efficient, Long Lasting
The FLOOD-IT™ PRO is a portable light that incorporates high quality lithium-ion batteries and COB LED chips giving clear bright light for up to 4 hours on one charge.

The PRO means you can push on and get the job done, even in the worst conditions.
The FLOOD-IT™ Solar Security pack is a combination of high quality lithium-ion batteries, solar power, and a fully adjustable PIR to enable totally ‘off-grid’ self sufficient lighting.

Mount the high efficiency solar panel to charge the floodlight’s batteries, even in cloudy conditions.

Fine tuning the motion detector’s sensitivity and light duration means you get light whenever you need it!
Flood IT Heavy Duty "Beast" Cordless Task Light Flood IT Shield - Cordless Spot Light

The Beast is a highly portable, versatile cordless site light which removes the need for generators and cumbersome halogen lighting.
The 18.5V rechargeable battery and 195ft beam range makes this an ideal solution to site lighting in challenging conditions.

The BEAST comes equipped with an integrated dimmer switch to allow the user to adjust the output of the LED light. This extends the battery run time for up to 12 hours from a single charge.

Born out of a necessity for portable high power LED lighting, the "FloodIT Shield" is a rechargeable and mobile floodlight that offers high performance, reliable light in a high equipment protection level (EPL) package.
Designed for use in gas zones 1 & 2 and dust zones 21 & 22, the FLOOD-IT® SHIELD is a revolutionary answer to ATEX lighting without the restrictions of leads or cables.