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Therma - Ray Radiant Heating Solutions ~ 2x2 Ceiling Panels
We offer the full catalog of Therm-Ray Radiant Heating Solutions.
Therma-Ray Radiant Heating Ceiling Panels offer an aesthetic and
efficient solution for a number of residential or commercial applications.

*Sold by the 10count case and customizable to match any number
or pre-sold drop or plastered ceilings, these panels deliver comfortable
and cost effective heating.

*Therma-Ray Inc. products can be designed to fit into any Residential,
Commercial or Industrial application. Most "Smart Room" products are
approved by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the
American Institute of Architecture (AIA). "Smart Rooms" products qualify
for up to 12 Leadership in Energy & Environmental (LEED) points.

*Utility / Energy Rebates are available, based upon project location.