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CommScore SystiMax FlexiMax 24port Patch Panel Hoffman Enclosures Two Post Open Frame Rack CommScope Overhead Patch Panel Rack
* FlexiMax unloaded 24port U/UTP High Density Patch Panel

* High Impact, Flame Retardant, Thermopalstic, Powder Coated Steel

* 24ports, 4.17"D x 1.72"H x 19"W

* see "specs" for other details
* Two Post customizable panel rack, designed for use in communication centers, data centers,
and/or telecom closets

* 7' High Aluminum Construction

* Convenient Rack and Cable Management, add on packs and various customizations are available ......

* See "Specs" for other details and available dimensions .........
* Two Post Patch Panel Rack that mounts to overhead runway

* Designed for optimal cable management

* Accepts standard 19" Patch Panels and / or other 19" interconnect equipment

* See "Specs" for other dimensions and more details ......